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As the female counterpart, it’s easy for many of us to wave this off in believing that it does not affect us.However, aside from the obvious fact that many of our loved ones (family members) are Asian men, another impact that it has is that it reflects badly on us when the dating disparity between our genders have become so apparent that everyone, including the alt-right, start to believe .

And of course, this leads to a whole host of other problems such as putting our safety at risk, constant harassment, and more fetishization.

We cannot afford to let those who think lowly of themselves and us to drown us out and allow others to downplay racism against Asians, which they certainly will do if a large group of us are not able to respect ourselves.

If so many of us are not able to, who are we, then, to demand it from others?

Furthermore, let’s not rely on public figures who do not necessarily represent us in thought or action, lest we mislead others into believing so.

Our men suffer from a different but grotesque type of racism; one in which hurts while simultaneously binding their mouths shut so that they cannot yell in pain or even speak out about it for fear of further backlash. Let us speak for them as they did for us during the pre-launch of “Mail Order Family.” If not for them, then at least, for ourselves, so that we combat stereotypes aimed at us and reinforce our people’s words when they cry out against racism, so that such racism can no longer be ignored or waved away as a “joke.” But more importantly, let us speak for each other because it is simply the benevolent thing to do.

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"About 90 percent of people [whom we work with] had a racial preference, and about 85 percent of that was for white people," she says.

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