Bismarck consolidating german empire

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Bismarck consolidating german empire

The German nation-state became divided internally by conflicting social interests and their matching ideologies, producing fears as well as anticipations of the civil conflict that finally erupted after 1018.

Growing social and ideological divisions coupled with increasing economic and national consolidation—such was the paradox of Germany's Second Reich.Describing the interaction between the "stream of time"--or social, political, intellectual, and institutional forces--and the character of one of history's greatest political talents, the author probes Bismarck's role in the unification of Germany and assesses his influence on the subsequent course of German history.Volume I of Pflanze's work was first published in 1963, to wide acclaim.The final chapters deal with the fascinating story of Bismarck's conflict with Wilhelm II.The work ends with an account of the Bismarck legend that endures to this day and may yet influence Germany's current quest for reunification.

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What new conquests might be necessary to satiate a people steeped in the history and legends of medieval empire?

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