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You can relive every moment in an exciting Special Edition that will have you cheering for more!

|The script called for a dog to carry an ice cream sundae, but when dogs carry, they naturally hold their heads down.

Ray agrees to the plan and uses his skills to kill each of the men.

However, it turns out that one of the men killed is Tomas Leon, the son of Miami mobster Joe Leon.

Teenager Josh Framm's mother, Jackie, has just married her veterinarian boyfriend, Patrick Sullivan.

Josh and his best friend, Tom Stewart, have just made their school's soccer team when their coach reveals that their team will become co-ed.

It was the first Air Bud movie to be filmed without Buddy, the canine star of the first two films; Buddy died after production of the previous film, Golden Receiver.

Catch all the action as Buddy joins his teenage owner Josh on the field in pursuit of the state soccer championship.Knowing Buddy was the star player, they naturally quit the league.The head of the committee's son sees that the Timberwolves have been banned from the league and is outraged, making the head of the committee to have a change of heart, letting the Timberwolves back into the league.Buddy has a uniform and is on the roster, leading Josh's soccer team to the state championship.However, trouble occurs when Buddy's six newborn puppies are kidnapped by a man called Snerbert (Martin Ferrero) who wants to sell them for whippets.

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  1. In 1775, with the colonies in the midst of the Revolutionary War, the Stadt Huys became home to the Albany Committee of Correspondence (the political arm of the local revolutionary movement), which took over operation of Albany's government and eventually expanded its power to control all of Albany County.

  2. He had me at “shit stained balls”…it was true love. Another favorite moment is when two hapless dudes have a verbal match of “you know how I know you’re gay? It sounds politically incorrect, but it’s harmless and really really funny.