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This will output more information to the CFML server’s console log (which you’re tailing, right? If you can’t figure out the problem from all this extra debugging information, at least you’ll have it all available when you post to the FW/1 mailing list, asking for help!At this point, however, I hope you got the example to run and you were able to try out the various links and see what it was doing in the trace output in the browser, and perhaps by looking at the code, which we’ll go over next.Otherwise, we offer professional installation where we'll do everything for you including login, usernames, and avatars. There is a single integration file where you'll have to do some very minimal modifications to integrate Arrow Chat into your site. :( If you like the software, don't forget to donate to further development of it! The only thing that Arrow Chat requires is PHP be installed on your server (doesn't have to be written in PHP) and that you have a My SQL or MSSQL database. After completing the setup process, Arrow Chat will automatically log your users in and grab their usernames, avatars, and profile links. You can simply enable guest chat only and no coding is necessary. Listed below are all of our integrations that have full support already packaged in.With Git: Clone the repository in your Sublime Text "Packages" directory: Following are notes specific to individual formatters that you should be aware of: PHP - Used php F by @subins2000 Getting and installing PHP - must install 5.6 or above ( F#requirements) On Linux/OSx after installation of package, you must set chmod x to file in folder %PACKAGESDIR%/Code Formatter/codeformatter/lib/phpbeautifier You can list all available transformations from Command Palette: Code Formatter: Show PHP Transformations Examples of many transformations can be found here: PHP Transformation Examples Language specific options: Add tests If you like living on the edge, please report any bugs you find on the Code Formatter issues page. It’s a version of the Lisp programming language that runs on the JVM.

As we’ve come to depend on FW/1 more and more, I’ve wanted to streamline the integration between FW/1 and cfmljure so that we can write services in Clojure and have them autowired into our controllers, just like our CFML services are, as well as have the option to write controllers in Clojure (if all the code they need to call is Clojure, not some mix of CFML and Clojure).That functionality has been available via the standalone cfmljure library for several years, and it has become core to how the Internet dating platform works at my company (World Singles Networks).We’ve had cfmljure in production since Spring 2011 and, in 2014, we declared Clojure to be our primary language and nearly all new development happens in Clojure, hosted within three Cold Box applications and two FW/1 applications.That seems a bit confusing at first (source files are resources, test files are sources), but as you work more with Boot you get used to more things being resources, not just source files, so it soon makes a lot of sense.Now we’ll move on to using FW/1 and Clojure together, and show how both Leiningen and Boot can be used.

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You’ll see that by default a Leiningen-generated Clojure project is assumed to live under version control with , have an open source software license (Eclipse Public License 1.0 by default), have a README (markdown) file that explains what the project is for and how to use it, a documentation folder, possibly some non-source code resource files (configuration files or perhaps assets for a web application), and you may see a lives.

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