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Given Don Daro’s pioneering background in radio, it was only natural for him to take the medium to the next level. That’s when you needed a T-1 connection to receive the broadcast.

DSL and Cable weren’t around yet, so only 60 viewers at a time could see the show’s live streams.

Tough daredevil intensely screws with snobbish daredevil in generous adult cam.

Dominating girl awkwardly bumped by fearless punk in charming live chat.

Here Don and one of his favorite co-hosts “Kelly” pose for a publicity shot.

They’d play popular music from the turn of the century right up to current hits and Country Western as well.

You can also purchase DVDs of Sexy, Silly Television shows along with merchandise like T-shirts, mouse pads and other goodies adorned with the **conversation starting Sexy, Silly Television logo.

Sexy, Silly Television actually evolved from a live Internet TV show broadcasting from studios in Calabasas, CA back in 1999.

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You are on the sofa, just opening your eyes and you try to scream and get away, but i have made sure you are now paralized.

The Don Daro Show ran from May 7th, 1999 thru July of '99.

Luckily most of the shows were videotaped and although a quantity was distributed to potential investors by the sales people, many were saved.

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