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Morgantown dating

have any evidence of a pontil mark though the base may have a mold line(s) and/or embossing, or be totally smooth and unmarked.

The vast majority (probably 95% ) of mouth-blown utilitarian bottles without pontil marks date after the Civil War, i.e., were made after 1865.

A pontil scar or mark is a very useful mid-19th century diagnostic dating characteristic.

There are several different type pontil marks, all of which are a mark or scar on the bottle base left by a type of pontil rod.

Click the question link to jump directly to that question Other datable diagnostic features and bottle type specific date ranges for the listed diagnostic features are discussed in more depth within other portions of this website.

(This is particularly interesting to see and shows that shearing or cracking-off wasn't always used or necessary.) The mold boy then removes the bottle from the mold with tongs while the gaffer knocks off the residual glass from the end of the blowpipe and then moves back to the glass pot/tank to make another gather.

It shows two gaffers and one mold boy in smooth and efficient action.

The gaffer makes the gather from the glass pot/tank in the background, rolls and pre-forms the parison on the marver (table to the left), then quickly drops the parison into the mold which the mold boy efficiently snaps shut.

(Many "specialty" bottles can have pontil scars after this period, though common utilitarian bottles follow these time frames quite closely; click specialty bottle pontil scars for more information.)For more information and dating information on pontil marks it is highly recommended that a user review the Pontil Marks or Scars page.

If you are seeking information on what type bottle you have, go to the Bottle Typing & Diagnostic Shapes page which also will lead users to additional dating information.

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Pontil marks come in several different stylistic types with variation within the different styles.