Netapp updating drive firmware validating a high performance programmable secure coprocessor

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This is why you should always make sure your data is backed up.

As many Seagate disk drives only have enough room for one firmware image, a failure means your disk will lose the firmware it currently has.

SMARTMon-UX does not care what disk you flash, other than checking to see if it is supported.

Sometimes Seagate makes changes to default and factory mode pages between firmware revisions.

You can decrease the risk by flashing the image in a temporary mode (see example).

If you flash the wrong firmware image (and there can be dozens of images that will work for your disk), unpredictable things will happen.

Your operating system may not communicate with the disk, the number of usable blocks could change, application software or your O/S could break because it is expecting certain identity strings that were changed, etc ...

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:) No disk firmware update Netapp cluster mode does required any downtime, it's an non-disruptive update. storage disk show Usable Disk Container Container Disk Size Shelf Bay Type Type Name Owner ---------------- ---------- ----- --- ------- ----------- --------- -------- 1.10.0 1.62TB 10 0 BSAS aggregate root_ARK_NA02 ARK-NETAPP 1.10.1 1.62TB 10 1 BSAS aggregate root_ARK_NA02 storage disk show -physical Disk Type Vendor Model Revision RPM BPS ---------------- ------- -------- -------------------- -------- ------- ------- 1.10.0 BSAS NETAPP X306_HMRKP02TSSM NA00 7200 512 Serial Number: P5G9XX7YX 1.10.1 BSAS NETAPP Download required version of disk firmware from Netapp site and copy into your local web server path (which should accessible to Netapp controller).

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