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And gays in Goa today are reluctant to talk openly about the beaches and pubs they frequent, for fear those places would meet the same fate as hotspots like Eden and Paradise.“Eden was this beautiful place started by an English gay couple …“You can afford to come out in the open only if you are Wendell Rodricks. Jack, who has a plush 2-bedroom apartment in Porvorim, requested that Streets withhold the names of some popular gay friendly clubs in the Candolim belt, in case he had inadvertently mentioned them.(He hadn’t.) “It just might work against us, you know.He says, “I suppose they imagine we have horns and a tail. And we don’t bite either.” Take Joe, for example, whom even well-educated people sometimes dismiss as some kind of freak.He is a well-off business manager in a big corporate firm, earns a lot of money and loves the good life.But in spite of all this, he endures hushed-up commentary, smirks and snickering almost every day.“See, there are these perfectly handsome, manly gay guys who have no problem at all. “When I used my mother’s fragrances, father would mock, say, ‘Be a man, use an aftershave for God’s sake!

Indeed, a day after dailies flashed the news that Goa’s tourism director, Swapnil Naik, had announced plans to attract LGBT (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual & Transgender) tourism to the state, Hindu groups lodged a complaint with police, the Roman Catholic Church raised a cry and the “Goa International Travel Mart 2011” had to promptly take back its pink promise.

The gay scene, though thriving, was again wrapped in a cloak of secrecy.

So, on the one hand there are still wild gay beach parties that fetch nice chunks of cash for swanky pubs as well as grungy beach shacks.

And on the other hand, there are locals who refuse to accept gays, even home-grown Goans, in their neighbourhood.

In his book, The Green Room, fashion designer Wendell Rodricks talks about the prevalent stereotypes people have about gay men.

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But one fine day, we heard news about some people opposing Eden and out of the blue, the next thing we know is that it was shut down.

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