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Everything from “Wednesday October 19, 1966 (DT)” to “Wednesday August 17, 1966” is included on this poll.Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Dating Game episode is from?“He loved doing local radio, especially before it was computerized.” Lange is survived by a sister, five children, two stepchildren and four grandchildren.Jiangsu Satellite TV's If You Are The One is revolutionizing the world of dating shows BEIJING - By switching their lights on or off, 24 single, attractive ladies decide the fate of a bachelor.It is a way to see if people are physically attracted to one another at first sight.

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The dating show If You Are The One (Fei Cheng Wu Rao) has created a buzz because of its morally ambiguous and visually electrifying format.

Every Saturday and Sunday night on Jiangsu Satellite Television, a jury of 24 single women question one guy, watch his introductory video and press light buttons to determine whether he should remain on the show.

The show is to see how successful a date would be if people were naked instead of wearing clothes.

People on the date do have the choice if they would like to continue the date or if they would like to leave.

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Instead of asking questions, the single man or woman selected their date based on the person's appearance and personality.

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