Updating bootrom

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Updating bootrom

(By the way, I tried leaving out some of the XML config files, and Weird Things Happened(tm).

I think the default files need to be there originally for proper functionality, even if they're not customized.)All the prelim work is done now, so assemble and power up your Poly Com 501, and be ready to hit buttons as soon as you apply power. In most cases, you will leave the DHCP Client field Enabled and just let it grab an IP off the wire.

At time of this writing, Grandstream GXP-2000's are around 5, and Polycom 501's are around 0.

The Polycom 501's do have more and easier-to-get-to functionality than the GXP-2000's, and have a more professional look and feel (and a great speakerphone), but the most notable downsides of the 501 are its awful, obtuse and slow configuration interfaces.

There is good information on this site about setting up a Polycom phone to work with Asterisk, but it's rather spread out and unorganized, so I thought I'd take some time to get it all in one place.

These instructions apply to the 501 models, but I believe they would adapt well to other Polycom models.

About the Polycom 501If you're reading this to see how good certain phones are with Asterisk, let me tell you that the Polycom 501 has excellent features, but is a pain to configure and very tempermental.

I've used Soyo phones (they're the worst all around), ip Dialog phones (they're only a little better) and Grandstream's GXP-2000.

As usual, three files to change: extensions.conf, and

They will only allow CERTIFIED resellers to download their updates and they're supposed to provide you with those updates.

Polycom Voice Products Download List you Linux newbies, an easy way to download the files directly into your tftp root folder is the utility WGET. The following information isn't really the "optimal" way of setting these phones up.

This is because the web configuration for the time server and GMT offset differs from what is loaded on the actual phone itself.

When the web interface finally starts up 1-2 minutes after the phone is ready, it reloads that info instead.

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The GXP-2000's are much more resilient and much faster to boot.