Who is bianca ryan dating

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Who is bianca ryan dating

star Shay Mitchell has split from her boyfriend Ryan Silverstein, multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly.

The ABC Family actress, 27, and Silverstein were dating for about one year before they split.

Since his split with Dove, he hasn't been linked to anyone in a romantic way, until now.

Ryan posted a shot of himself and a ~mystery girl~ walking the red carpet on his Instagram, with the caption, "Went to a fashion event. We didn't correct them." Walking a red carpet together is a pretty big deal dontcha think?

And can we just say how similar this gal looks to Dove?

Mystery girl, who has actually been identified as actress and journalist, Lo Graham, posted the same photo.

The same source adds that Mitchell recently did a photo shoot with model Gui Fedrizzi in Malibu, and the two have been talking every since.Silverstein helped Mitchell celebrate her 27th birthday this past April, along with her castmates Ashely Benson, Ian Harding, and Troian Bellisario.He told his then-girlfriend in a birthday toast that she has made him "the luckiest and happiest man." As for what Mitchell looks for in a significant other?Ultimately, he decides to go to the boiler room, where Bianca is waiting. Alli is pissed and only agrees to stay with him if he never talks to Bianca again.Bianca overhears, while playing for chips at the dance, and approaches Alli, telling her she's crazy for believing Drew. After being dumped by Alli, Drew calls Bianca a slut when she sits near him at the chip table. then suggests Drew should find a girl who doesn't care about his reputation and Dave jokingly suggests that Bianca is available.

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She says she's not a slut, because he is the one who came to her in the first place. and Dave tell him girls are mad at him because of his reputation since he hooked up with Bianca and that it makes him gross by association. Later, Drew is seen practicing the drums, when Bianca comes in and dances to Drew's drum playing until he stops and sees her.

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